Best Tips on How Startups Can Be A Magnet To New Yet Smart Graduates

January 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

The competition for the brightest employees is on. With more startups being started every day, new employers or even not-so-new employers find the competition a tough one to beat. 

It is true that employers have an edge compared to employees as they get to choose which ones to hire. However, employees also try to find a suitable place to work. Thus, there seems to be an equal yet not-so-equal opportunities for both.

Employers, on one hand, can be a employee magnet by setting the right culture and the right vision. Employees need to know that their values are aligned with what the company seeks for. It could cause unnecessary distress to both sides to think that they started out on a good employer-employee understanding. It would be sad to know that in the end, the relationship would turn sour because of a misunderstanding of the values set by the company.  Alignment has to start at the earliest phase. ~Lornajane Altura

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