Business Benefits of Recruitment Solutions

January 8, 2019 / jorbase

Business Benefits of Recruitment Solutions

Fuel your business with the best employees through the use of recruitment software

Every business wants to stay on top. As the global economy continues to become more competitive, competition is not just focused on targets and sales anymore. There is also an increasing competition when it comes to recruiting the best people. This is totally understandable—after all, employees are the blood that runs through the veins of the business.

In fact, author Jim Collins calls hiring as “getting the right people on the bus” and includes recruitment in his five principles of building an organization’s framework. That’s how important it is! Recruiting the best talents does not only contribute to the company’s productivity—it also contributes to the growth and development of the business as a whole.

With the increasing number of digital solutions, more HR managers and CEOs are investing in recruitment software and management systems to aid in the recruitment process. These solutions allow businesses to efficiently look for the right candidates online and screen them, all while building an accessible database of talents for future employment  opportunities.

Recruitment software also takes much of the legwork and time away from the HR departments so they can focus on other aspects such as communication and employee development among others.

For those who are still apprehensive, here is a quick rundown on the top five benefits that recruitment solutions can bring to your organization:

  1. It helps in cost savings.

According to a 2016 report by the Society for Human Resource Management, companies spend an average of $4,219 per hire! This includes costs during job posting, interviews, deliberation, and the actual job offer. To decrease the cost-per-hire, a company must either shorten the hiring process or make sure that they hire quality recruits who will stay in the company for a long time.

With recruitment software, your business will get you the best of both worlds. The features of the software will help shorten steps in the hiring process that used to be done manually. A filtering feature also helps in screening higher quality applicants who have higher chances of staying in the company.

2.It contributes to standardization and streamlining of processes.

Recruitment solutions have features for automated communication. By customizing a few details, the system can do the job of sending out communications and instructions to applicants and new hires depending on their status. This means that all applicants undergo the same processes, and there is no room for red tape or any biased decisions.

3.You will be able to do more with the same amount of time.

With recruitment solutions, you can send pre-written templates of replies or notices to applicants that they will be contacted within a few days if they are shortlisted. The software also minimizes actual paperwork which has to be passed down to various members of a team. Instead, members of the team can all access an applicant’s files at the same time, make notes, and monitor it all through the use of the software. It helps facilitate conversations and decision-making, thus saving time. Instead of spending time for manual tasks, managers can actually do more in terms of policies or employee development.

4.Data is secure but easily accessible.

Secure applicants’ data using cloud-based storage instead of mountains of filing cabinets kept in a crowded and dusty room. Aside from being good for the environment, going paperless also helps in terms of data privacy and security. With cloud-based storage, data is kept secure and away from wrong hands. In case of natural disasters or hazardous events in the office, the files are kept safe in the cloud.

Aside from being secure, another advantage of cloud-based storage is that it is easily accessible at any hour. Get information whenever and wherever you need it. This is the exact definition of hassle-free recruitment.

5.Recruitment software reaches more people.

The software doesn’t just help in optimizing the recruitment process, it also helps in enabling businesses to find highly qualified people. The best person for the job may be out there and waiting for an opportunity similar to the one you’re offering—but he wasn’t able to apply because he didn’t know about it! Lessen incidents like this, and use a recruitment software to reach the best applicants.

Usually, recruitment solutions partner with hiring platforms, and this will give your company a wider reach among big job boards and sites. Some software can also sift through your database of applicants and check their public network or connections in order to give you potential new leads.

To ensure that the business has quality employees, the hiring process must not be taken for granted. Recruitment is important at any stage of a company’s growth and development because the employees drive the business towards its goals and vision.

Since people are considered a company’s biggest asset, it is only right to invest in a recruitment software for your business. The benefits that it will bring, while stemming from the HR department, will eventually spread out to the whole business and its operations.

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